Welcome to Zi Mei Events

Zi Mei Events was established in 2008 as a provider of  quality, evidence-based professional development workshops for allied health professionals.

The business name – Zi Mei Events was created by Leisha Ward (an Occupational Therapist) and her sister while traveling together through China. During their trip they made small forays into the Chinese vocabulary, including the Chinese for older sister – “Zi Zi” and younger sister – “Mei Mei”.  Thus colloquially when introducing themselves together as older and younger sister – “Zi Mei”. It was thought to be an apt name for their new venture!  Although Leisha’s sister has decided to explore other adventures—the name continues.

 2024 Workshops … EOIs

Have your Say!!!

As we head towards the end of 2023 … it’s time to reflect on the learnings of 2023, as well as the many amazing experiences; so that we can use this new knowledge to make 2024 an even better year.

So much of the learning experiences at workshops – whether it is online or F2F is the interactions between presenters and participants … the questions, discussions and sharing of resources. I continue to feel very privileged to be part of a profession that values and supports professional growth and development.  Many of our workshops are developed or scheduled depending on the interest and need of the workforce – so we value the feedback and evaluations ewe get regarding our workshops (and make modifications based on this feedback).  We also listen to feedback regarding what and where workshops happen …  with this in mind we are very grateful to those that take the time to respond to our Expressions of Interest and let us know their learning needs. As a thank you  … we do let respondees know when workshops are OPEN FOR REGISTRATION – usually in advance of our regular advertising.

2024 Workshop Planning
We are currently planning workshops for 2024. Do let us know if there are workshops in our Expressions of interest that you are wanting us to schedule, or if you have new ideas or feedback we want to hear from you.

Videoconferencing/Online Format

Zi Mei Events is committed to provide high quality professional development, opportunities for participants. Please be advised that where workshops have been advertised/scheduled for a face to face presentation that there is no ability to link to the workshop via an online format or to record the workshop. Workshop presentation format is done in consultation with the presenter and due to either the content and/or multi-day format of the workshop, it has been decided that a face to face presentation is the best option for that particular workshop to proceed. If the workshop is unable to proceed on the advertised dates, it would likely to be postponed/ rescheduled and participants will have the option to move their registration to the new dates or receive a refund. It will not convert to an online even

Kind Regards,

Leisha Ward