Welcome to Zi Mei Events

Zi Mei Events was established in 2008 as a provider of  quality, evidence-based professional development workshops for allied health professionals.

The business name – Zi Mei Events was created by Leisha Ward (an Occupational Therapist) and her sister while traveling together through China. During their trip they made small forays into the Chinese vocabulary, including the Chinese for older sister – “Zi Zi” and younger sister – “Mei Mei”.  Thus colloquially when introducing themselves together as older and younger sister – “Zi Mei”. It was thought to be an apt name for their new venture!  Although Leisha’s sister has decided to explore other adventures—the name continues.

 Covid 19 Update

Thank you for your interest in attending a Zi Mei Events workshop.  While Zi Mei Events endeavours to deliver every workshop, we aim to do so in an environment that is safe and conducive to participants having a positive learning experience. We are continuing to monitor the current COVID-19 health concerns and the continual emerging recommendations from the Department of Health. With this in mind Zi Mei Events has made the decision that other than those workshops that were planned prior to COVID-19 and have had to be postponed, Zi Mei Events is not scheduling any further face to face workshops until further clarity and certainty can be obtained with regard them proceeding. 

Workshop Updates/Transition to Online Modules

Covid-19 has had a significant impact on many of our planned workshops for 2020/2021. Although many of our venues have been able to re-open with Covid-safe business plans in place, the interstate travel restrictions has implicated the ability of myself, presenters and many participants being able to access workshops. This has meant the postponement (sometimes thrice) of many of our popular workshops.

With the ongoing uncertainty with the regard to our ability to host face-to-face workshops, presenters and myself have worked hard to explore options for providing alternative learning opportunities. While some components of our upcoming workshop are able to align with an online format; the design and content of other workshops do not. I am very thankful to my various presenters who have assisted me to quickly up skill in the differing needs of F2F and online CPD, and to those that have been able to take up the challenge of converting teaching styles and workshop material to  accommodate this structure. 

 We are presently working with a variety of presenters with regard to the development of workshops that are able to be converted and provided effectively using an online format. We are hoping to share more news about these in the coming weeks.  Currently our upcoming online workshops

We are continuing to plan for the return to face to face workshops – as our business model continues to value the relationships and interactions between participants and presenters utilising this service delivery model; as well as the capacity to offer full day and/or multi-day workshops.  Our postponed workshops include:

Workshop Cancellation/Refund Policy :

Our standard workshop cancellation/refund policy . continues to apply to all events. Registered participants affected by this workshop postponement should have received an email updated outlining their cancellation/refund/transfer options.

Further Updates

My thoughts are with you all as we continue to contend with the every changing landscape of Covid-19. We will therefore continue to monitor all official notices/recommendations, take steps to respond to the ever-evolving situation and keep you updated with regard to the impact that any government health/travel recommendations have on upcoming workshops. Hopefully we will be able to meet face to face in the not so distant future.

If you have any further queries, please contact the office on (07) 3358 3689 or via email info@zimei.com.au

Kind Regards,

Leisha Ward