Cognitive Orientation to daily Occupational Performance Approach (CO-OP)

BRISBANE/SYDNEY - Term 3, 2024
Certified CO-OP Instructors x 2 (TBC) Download event flier

The goal of the Cognitive Orientation to daily Occupational Performance approach (CO-OP) is to enable children and adults with performance difficulties, be they physical, cognitive, or other, to succeed in performing the everyday tasks and activities that are important to them. The CO-OP approach is client-centred and supports individuals to apply cognitive strategies to develop the skills they need to achieve at the tasks they want to, need to or are expected to do.

CO-OP was developed to provide therapists with an evidence-based approach to enabling performance success in an effective and efficient way. It engages the individual at the meta-cognitive level to solve performance problems. Focused on enabling success, the CO-OP Approach employs collaborative goal setting, dynamic performance analysis, cognitive strategy use, guided discovery, and enabling principles. These elements, all considered essential to the CO-OP Approach are situated within a structured intervention format, and with parent/significant other involvement as appropriate.

The CO-OP Approach can be used with adults and children (over 4 years of age) who struggle with everyday tasks such as dressing, grooming, handwriting or cycling. It has been shown to be successful for clients with a variety of developmental or neurological conditions (eg developmental coordination disorder, ADHD, stroke and acquired brain injury) who experience difficulties with learning or re-learning motor based skills.

This workshop is suitable for allied health professionals

Workshop Aims/objectives – on completion of the two days participants will

  • have a working knowledge of the key theoretical and evidentiary foundations aspects of the CO-OP intervention approach
  • develop an understanding of the key features of the CO-OP Approach including
    • occupation-based, client-centered goal setting
    • dynamic performance analysis (DPA)
    • cognitive strategy use
    • guided discovery
    • enabling principles
  • be able to apply CO-OP in an evidence-based manner at a competent level

Workshop Delivery – This workshop is provided in two modules (attendance at both modules is required to gain a Certificate of Attendance)

Module 1 – Two days Face to Face – this module will provide participants with the fundamental understanding of CO-OP and the practice competencies to apply the approach in their client cohort.

Module 2 – One day (9:00am – 3:00pm) – Online via Zoom – this module will be scheduled 3-4 months following the face-to-face workshop. This consolidation session allows clinicians to practice CO-OP in their clinical settings, prior to engaging in case discussions/presentations regarding their ability to apply CO-OP with fidelity (in the way CO-OP was intended).

Optional ICAN Certification – there is an option for participants to provide a 20 minute case presentation during the module 2 online session. This presentation is required for eligibility to proceed with the CO-OP Certification via ICAN.

About the Presenters

This workshop will be facilitated by two Certified CO-OP Instructors. Certified CO-OP instructors are individuals who have undergone specialized training, and are deemed by ICAN as qualified to instruct on the CO-OP Approach; as well as demonstrate expertise in teaching.

The CO-OP instructors and their biographies will be available to participants when the registration process is opened.

Expressions of Interest for this workshop are now being sought. If you are interested in attending this workshop, please contact Zi Mei Events at to express your interest in either a Brisbane or Sydney workshop.