Expressions of Interest

Developing Pretend Play Skills in Children – Advanced

Prof Karen Stagnitti
Brisbane – Semester 2, 2019 Download event flier

Target Audience: Occupational Therapists and Speech Pathologists This workshop will be provided in 2 modules. Module 1 - (one day) will provide therapists with an ability to "refresh" or gain knowledge with regard to understanding “typical” play deficits seen in children and the assessment of a child's play development (including use of the Symbolic and Imaginative Play Developmental Checklist). This workshop will be practical with case studies to illustrate examples of how play can be understood during assessment. Module 2 - (two days) through the use of case studies, participants will be provided with a clinical reasoning framework based on an advanced understanding of the Learn to Play Therapy, as well as skills/strategies to implement intervention programmes for a variety of clinical groups/clinical environments. Units covered include: Play and Autism Play in Schools (ie developing early literacy skills and linking play to the National Curriculum) Transdisciplinary Play intervention Play with children with a history of Trauma/Abuse. Participants will be able to attend a three day workshop combining Modules one and two. Or alternatively if participants have previously attended a Developing Effective Pretend Play they are able to attend Module 2 only.


Occupational Performance Coaching: Coaching parents to enable children’s participation

Dr Fi Graham
Sydney – Term 1, 2019 Download event flier

Target Audience: Allied Health Professionals. Occupational Performance Coaching (OPC) is proposed as an intervention which is family- and occupation-centred, enablement-focused and research informed. OPC involves working alongside parents to achieve parents’ goals for themselves, their children and/or their families. In OPC therapists utilise performance analysis, problem-solving, occupational and disability knowledge to guide parents’ exploration of changes that facilitate goal achievement. This workshop aims to provide therapists with an understanding of how to effectively use parent coaching within their services


Executive Function in School Students with Learning Difficulties

Dr Su Lowe
Term 1, 2019 - Brisbane/Melbourne Download event flier

Target Audience: Occupational Therapists Students with learning difficulties, are often challenged by deficits with regard to their executive function skills, that contribute to their performance across a variety of school-based occupations. Using an occupational performance framework, this practical workshop will assist Occupational Therapists to work in strong partnership with teachers, to maximise learning opportunities for these students through scaffolded and systematic instructional approaches. Click for more information


DCD/Dyspraxia and the role for Occupational Therapy

Lisa Scott
Semester 1, 2019 - Melbourne Download event flier

Target Audience: Occupational Therapists Through the extensive use of case studies, this two day workshop will assist occupational therapists to define what is praxis vs DCD, gain an understanding of the underlying causes of DCD difficulties and identify the functional implications for dyspraxia. Participants will also gain an understanding of the OT role in diagnosis and prognosis; as well as a clinical reasoning framework for choosing the most appropriate assessment tools and intervention methods.