Expressions of Interest

Learning to Conquer the Wees & Poos …. the Basics and Beyond

Mrs Rebecca Khan
Semester 2, 2020 - Sydney/Adelaide Download event flier

The Basics – the first day of the workshop will provide participants with an overview of the clinical management of urinary incontinence, bedwetting and chronic constipation/soiling (encopresis) in children aged 3 – 15 years. Beyond the Basics – the second day of this workshop will provide participants with the ability to identify, discuss and apply continence strategies for complex cases, including children with developmental and physical diagnoses, and those who fail first-line treatment. These workshops are suitable for occupational therapists, physiotherapists, psychologists, continence advisors, child health nurses and school health nurses.


Developing Pretend Play Skills in Children – Advanced

Prof Karen Stagnitti
Semester 2, 2020 - Perth Download event flier

Play has always been part of learning and growing, as well as providing enjoyment and fun. Play is an important measure of children’s development, as it encompasses emotional, social, cognitive and language aspects. Research has indicated a significant relationship between the quality of children’s pretend play during the preschool years, and their cognitive skills, social skills, language, literacy, and problem-solving ability in early primary school and beyond. This workshop will be provided in two modules.