Expressions of Interest

Supporting the Occupational Roles of Infants

Lisa Findlay
ONLINE – Semester 1, 2022 Download event flier

Target Audience: Occupational Therapists

Infancy (birth to 18 months) describes a period of rapid development in the areas of systems regulation, motor control, play and cognition and social interaction. During this period infants learn to master many foundation skills required to make sense of the world, develop secure relationships, learn, and meet expected developmental milestones. This workshop will support occupational therapists understand their unique role in supporting infant performance and participation in daily activities and routines


Addressing Rest and Sleep in Children from an Occupational Perspective

Dr Chris Chapparo & Annie O’Connell
Sydney/Brisbane – Term 2/3, 2022 Download event flier

Target Audience: Occupational Therapists

Sleep is essential for a person’s health and wellbeing. It plays a crucial role in our body and brain’s physiological maintenance. Occupational therapists have a unique role in identifying sleep disturbance, as part of their assessment of an individual and family’s daily activity routines, participation and occupational performance. This workshop will outline various ways Occupational Therapists can assist children and families to promote and support children's sleep.


Developing Pretend Play Skills in Children – Assessment & Intervention

Dr Karen Stagnitti

Target Audience: Occupational Therapists and Speech Pathologists

Play has always been part of learning and growing, as well as providing enjoyment and fun. Play is an important measure of children’s development, as it encompasses emotional, social, cognitive and language aspects. This workshop for occupational therapists and speech pathologists; will provide participants with an ability to understand “typical” play deficits seen in children, assess a child's play development and provide therapists with a clinical reasoning framework to support implementing Pretend Play interventions based on an advanced understanding of the principles of Learn to Play Therapy.


Journal “Clubbing”

Online – 1.5 hours – Semester 1, 2022
Dr Sharon Mickan & Dr Rachel Wenke Download event flier

Journal clubs are a widely used tool to promote evidence-based practice (EBP). Many traditional formats are not based on current research evidence and they can be difficult to organise and sustain.  This workshop will introduce an evidence informed journal club format that can be widely used to help clinicians address important clinical questions This online presentation is suitable for allied health professionals. 


The Perceive: Recall: Plan and Perform System (PRPP) Intervention Workshop

4 days – Term 2, 2022 Download event flier

This 4 day workshop will provide participants with skills/knowledge with regard to intervention using the PRPP (attendance at a PRPP Assessment workshop is a prerequisite). The Perceive: Recall: Plan and Perform System (PRPP) is a process-oriented, criterion referenced assessment that employs task analysis methods to determine problems with cognitive information processing component function during routine, task or subtask performance. The PRPP System is for use with adults and children who have difficulty performing daily tasks. It is suitable for adults and children of either sex and from any cultural background.


Conquering the Puberty Blues

Rebecca Khan

The transition from child to young adult brings much change and a few challenges for many individuals and their families. A cognitive or atypical neurodevelopmental disability (intellectual disability, ASD, acquired brain injury) comes with the addition of social communication difficulties, sensory differences and increased anxiety which can add further complexity to assisting individuals learn about the key changes that take place during puberty. Children with an atypical neurodevelopmental disability may need a more individualised plan of support to adjust to the changes that happen in puberty. Health professionals can provide support to individual’s and their families/carers in planning for and navigating these conversations.


Towards Functional Writing

Face to Face workshop - Brisbane
2 Days - Semester 1, 2022 (Pls see UPCOMING EVENTS for a MELBOURNE-based WORKSKHOP) Download event flier

Poor handwriting and fine motor skill development is often a primary reason for referral to Occupational Therapy, with many factors affecting a student’s handwriting performance. Through the extensive use of case studies, this two-day workshop will assist occupational therapists to explore ways they can work more effectively to assist emergent writers and those in later years with handwriting challenges.


Occupational Performance Coaching

Feb/March 2022

Occupational Performance Coaching (OPC) is an intervention which is family- and occupation-centred, enablement-focused and research informed. OPC involves working alongside parents to achieve parents’ goals for themselves, their children and/or their families.