The Perceive: Recall: Plan and Perform System (PRPP) Intervention Workshop

4 days – Term 2, 2022 Download event flier

The PRPP System is one of the Occupational Performance Model (Australia) assessment and treatment approaches. The PRPP Assessment is a valid and reliable two-stage, criterion-referenced tool that employs task analysis to identify problems with mastery of everyday tasks and information processing reasons for the difficulties observed. Four primary dimensions of information processing are considered: attention/perception, memory/recall, planning/problem solving and motor enactment. The interpretation of findings enables specific, measurable mastery and processing goals to be set.

Intervention using the PRPP approach to treatment aims to either improve or compensate for reduced mastery and information processing using an instructional approach that integrates various sensory motor, behavioural and expressive techniques within an occupation-focused framework.

The PRPP system is used in many settings by Occupational Therapists to assess children and adults of either sex and from any cultural background. It is a formal way of identifying and documenting what Occupational Therapists observe to be interfering with their clients’ abilities to complete everyday tasks and routines.

Aims/objectives of the workshop include:

  • A refresher on the PRPP Assessment
  • the theoretical foundation of intervention and the PRPP intervention model
  • An understanding of the relationship of PRPP Assessment data to intervention
  • how to set measurable mastery and processing goals from assessment findings
  • designing an intervention plan to promote mastery in:
    • attention and sensory gathering mechanisms
    • recall strategies
    • planning and problem solving
    • monitoring responses and performance
  • an ability to measuring change

The workshop will include extensive use of case-based problem solving around video-taped examples of client performance to assist participants integrate their knowledge and skills.

This workshop is suitable for occupational therapists.  Participants will need to have attended a 5 day PRPP Assessment workshop prior to attending the intervention workshop. Arrival tea/coffee, morning tea, afternoon tea and lunch provided.

 Videoconferencing/Online Format

Zi Mei Events is committed to provide high quality professional development, opportunities for participants. Due to the content and multi-day format of this workshop we have decided that a face to face presentation is the best option for this particular workshop. Unfortunately the ability to link to this workshop via an online format or to record this workshop is NOT an option.

About the Presenters

Dr Chris Chapparo PhD, DipOT and Dr Judy Ranka PhD BSc (OT) MA (Educ & Work) are both widely recognised on an international level for their contributions to occupational therapy through teaching, research and community service activities. Dr Chapparo and Dr Ranka have co-authored the Occupational Performance Model (Australia).

Dr Chapparo has interests in cognition, management of sensory/ motor problems in children and adults and occupational therapy theory. Dr Chapparo is a founding member of Sensory Integration International and the Australian SI Faculty and she is a neurodevelopmental therapy instructor.  Her research interests lie in the areas of children’s information processing and social participation.

Dr Judy Ranka’s research interests include ecological assessment of cognition in adults with neurological disorders, and effects of orthotic intervention on hand function and the immediate effects of physical guidance techniques on arm use. She is currently completing doctoral studies focused on investigating the effects of information processing disorders on every day task performance in men with HIV/AIDS dementia.

Expressions of Interest for this workshop are now being sought. Please register your interest by contacting Zi Mie Events on  or (07) 3358 3689