Occupational Performance Coaching

Feb/March 2022

Occupational Performance Coaching:

Coaching parents to enable children’s participation

Parents play a critical role in supporting the learning, occupational performance and social participation of their children, particularly when children are challenged by tasks that are typically achievable by their peers. Parents also have needs and aspirations related to their own learning and performance within their parenting roles that are relevant to providing family-centred services.

Occupational Performance Coaching (OPC) is proposed as an intervention which is family- and occupation-centred, enablement-focused and research informed. OPC involves working alongside parents to achieve parents’ goals for themselves, their children and/or their families. In OPC therapists utilise performance analysis, problem-solving, occupational and disability knowledge to guide parents’ exploration of changes that facilitate goal achievement.

Aims/objectives of the workshop include:

  • An understanding of the basis of occupational performance coaching (OPC) with reference to other interventions which support the use of OPC
  • An understanding of the three domains, session format and therapeutic techniques used during OPC
  • an understanding of how to effectively utilise parent coaching within their services.

The workshop will also include practical sessions (ie case studies, videos/vingnettes) to assist participants integrate their knowledge and skills.  This workshop is suitable for allied health professionals.

About the Presenter

Please be advised that the Training in OPC is delivered by Dr Fiona Graham, or an endorsed OPC trainer.  Endorsed OPC trainers have undertaken a series of Train-the-trainer workshops in OPC delivered by the OPC Network trainers; and have demonstrated application of OPC to a high standard, as assessed using the OPC fidelity measure by OPC Network members. All endorsed OPC trainers are members of the OPC Network.  Endorsed OPC trainers receive regular supervision, training and education in the latest developments and research on OPC. Endorsed trainers teach from standardised training materials and have demonstrated competence in the use of experiential teaching methods to OPC Network members.   Once we have received sufficient EOIs we will be negotiating with Fiona and the endorsed trainers with regard to their availability for dates suggested. Further details regarding the trainer for the event will be available prior to registering.

Expressions of Interest for this workshop are now being sought.  Please register your interest by contacting Zi Mei Events via info@zimei.com.au  or (07) 3358 3689